” derelict ground 2 VR ” already rolled out in PlayStation VR platform now

Software announces ” derelict ground 2 VR ” already rolled out in PlayStation VR platform now, let sweep past treasure type game to lay a foundation for fire, countless wonderful classic ascend bear the palm first VR platform. This making will not see in the place before the player appears at the moment, vivid is like true Pandora world. The player is reincarnate in virtual reality to search treasure hunter, collect sort branch of various and various gun executes the mission, face complete the Milky Way most attractive is neuropathic dictatorial Handsome Jack, try to save Pandora from inside the evil hands of Hyperion Corporation come out. Of PS VR platform ” derelict ground 2 VR ” game characteristic is as follows: ? Fictitious step Pandora: Reincarnate the hunter finding treasure to pursue money, deploy by tens of thousands the venture that various gun branch launchs to hold the bag full prize, and save Pandora from inside the evil hands of Handsome Jack incidentally come out. With distinct aim atting the mechanism is hit explode robber, in teaching the bedlamite, treasure chest in objective size a lesson with fist firm firm, search suit gun branch, observe an environment from all sorts of angle. Loot carries provide and with world of Pandora of transit of view of the first person, experience bedlamite is taking grenade to cry greatly in rear angle ” bomb time! ” exciting pleasure. ? Fictitious stopping time: ” derelict ground 2 VR ” for virtual reality the experience was brought distinctive brand-new characteristic, with the actual strength of Handsome Jack of antagonism of the promotional hunter that find treasure. There was Bad Ass Mega FunTime now (weigh BAMF Time again) , the player can use this kind of brand-new slow-motion capacity the speed of game of temporary slow down prepares to be attacked the next time. In addition, the player still can apply Teleport, as ClapTrap gracefully (if he can say,go up elegant word) pass through Pandora. ? The reincarnate and fictitious hunter that find treasure: Reincarnate one of professions that are 4 kinds to be able to act: Siren, Commando, Gunzerker and Assassin, all sorts of professions all have can sufficient play brand-new the individual action style of VR function and had replaced skill combination mastery of a skill or technique, include BAMF Time faculty. No matter be the Siren capacity that uses Maya,smash the enemy, still call out with Axton come Sabre Turret support, or it is to enjoy Salvador to hold double machine gun to open the pleasure that fights Buddhist monastic discipline greatly, also or the contented sense that sword of brandish of backside of Zer0 day foe brings, ” derelict ground 2 VR ” can let a player gain unprecedented body experience its condition experience. ? Experience all sorts of fictitious evolution: Player general can experience with the first person the viewpoint is in first ” derelict ground ” drive in the world carry an airing carefree feeling to suffer: Use game lever is reached quickly change direction, use helmet to aim at carry provided weapon. What use the player of dynamic controller and helmet to be able to pass through instinctive type is brand-new means interacts with the system that choose sheet, point to through the hand, click, daggle and release undertake easily operating. The player also can choose the behavioral style of the preference. No matter be VR tall person is angry,point to deferent, still use the style of classical and direct action that game lever develops, player aux will be able to is obtained devoted to ” derelict ground ” the experience of acme virtual reality of series spirit. ? Pursue fictitious jewellery: ” derelict ground 2 VR ” in sweeping past fire treasure mechanism to take virtual reality, offerred by tens of thousands the gun branch that the program produces and equipment, and every gun branch all has unique ability and characteristic. In addition, the shield that the player can collect numerous program to arise, grenade, god implement, the good thing such as professional module, seek the powerful firepower that destroys wantonly.

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