Female to day type RPG ” Kaligula ” welfare of game of up to date information is great

A few days ago, the FuRyu group that make was updated ” Kaligula ” official website. The information of game hero is contained in this information, game setting and action picture, look together.

Of game encounter enemy use from labyrinthian the form that enters a battle without seam, battle itself uses instruction formula, and guide entered double hit system. The as hostile as the hero happy hand in this making, it is the composer that provides write music just about people, they inspect this group of plans the hero from fictitious world Mobius people be the person that go against instead and should prepare to kill a hero people.

It is an ideal world that creation comes out. Here, the person that feels acedia to reality is met be saved by her song place, the desire of whatever appearance can come true.

No matter,be in in Mobiwusi’s world men and women, can be in the high school of infinite metempsychosis lives in 3 years. Be in forever the won’t terminative hero in not comparing Wu Sihuan’s general Eden people what can be aware of. (Not comparing Wu Sizhong’s everybody is a student, oneself age and sexual distinction metropolis and this honour the difference that has different rate, but no matter be everybody is written down,do not rise original oneself)

The force that defies with the enemy purifies phonic effect (Katharsis Effect) as game undertake, mad epigone Digihead is held back was in of hero group person before. The force that defies with mad epigone purifies phonic effect is one kind penetrates skin of hero group person, show a kind of outer weapon. This enginery can differ as the person and the exterior also differs, not be a weapon merely it seems that, still have the mystery with other what after all inside.

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