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Article introduction

Although lettuce is long good-looking without other vegetable, but it is the vegetable that people values quite however, because the nutrient value of lettuce is high, and can serve as match dish to come deck entree, let whole dish have appetite more it seems that, lettuce not only can cooking, still can eat raw, and have a distinctive flavour, for example, lettuce salad compares right choice namely, the practice of salad of 9 teeth lettuce looks to do below?

How is the practice of salad of 9 teeth lettuce done?

1, lettuce root take out, abluent and stand-by.

How is the practice of salad of 9 teeth lettuce done?

2, tomato is abluent and stand-by.

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4, reserve size tomato section.

How is the practice of salad of 9 teeth lettuce done?

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5, the leftover material tomato is mincing in be being put into a bowl, reserve.

6, in joining all condiment broken tomato bowl.

7, mix is even, after placing 10 minutes, use.

8, place lettuce into a flower in one appropriate container, and size tomato piece even ground has been placed.

9, irrigate condiment and broken tomato equably again placing good tomato piece can go up on lettuce desk.

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1, the recipient that puts lettuce cannot too big, shape not easily otherwise; Also should not be too small, otherwise condiment is aspersed easily come out.

2, not certain blame uses juice of use oil vinegar, also can make up condiment according to him taste.

Practice 2:

Above all lettuce abluent.

Rip, twist towel next in that way them lacerate ~ next I am put into this tool to throw dry water, what do not have of course is close people also can shake water directly, those who notice lettuce must not be ripped is too small, break up otherwise after mixing not delicious.

The lettuce that has handled is put into big bowl.

Should become add right amount salt when ~ , white vinegar, olive oil and candy, follow next like, can join sweet corn is potted, tuna can, the banger of stripping and slicing is waited a moment, finally is mayonnaise.

Break up mixing is this appearance ~ can eat directly orFall in love with sea otter phoenix 419 sauna

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